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  • aluminum, cast metal products, contract, copper, forged metal products, machine metal parts, metal machine parts, metal spare parts, red metal products, stainless steel products, steel products, yellow
    Akma Machinery was founded in 1997 /Izmir Turkey. With high- tech machinery potential we produce and serve to our local and international clients regarding to ISO and DIN
    Telephone: +90-232 479 86 13 Address: 412/Sk No:31 -5.San Sit Bornova/İzmir, Turkey
  • cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulics, forging parts, spare parts, hydraulic cylinder spare parts, hydraulic cylinder parts, cylinder parts, cylinder spare parts, hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinder systems, forged parts, automotive forged parts, hydraulic forged parts, railway forged parts, construction machine forged parts, machine forged parts, agriculture machine forged parts, cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic, forging part, spare part, hydraulic cylinder spare part, hydraulic c
    FMC Hydraulic commenced the production of spare parts for hydraulic cylinders in 2005 First step was machining and selling of spare parts which have forged by our forging
    Telephone: +90 332 239 01 51 Address: Konya Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Ulukavak Sokak, No: 5, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • iron products, steel products, iron profiles, steel profiles, trailers, trailer spare parts, machines, second hand machines, agricultural machines, agricultural machine parts, construction materials, building materials, metalurgical coals, coals, hydraulics, foods, packings, packagings, wire rods, hot rolled steels, forged steels, bright steels, squares, flat bars, hexagonal bars, seamless pipes, profiles, brackets, sheet metals, cold drawn bars, heat treatable steels, case hardening steel
    We export to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Algeria using our 13 Years experience on Iron and Steel Also we import from Far East and European countries different products
    Telephone: +90 332 346 01 66 Address: Büsan 4. Org. San. Böl., 10659 Sk., No: 3/A, Konya, Türkiye
  • parts for tractor, compressor, valve, machine industries, casting parts, alloy casting, alloy die, aluminium die, aluminum die, aluminum sand, cast, cast aluminum, cast brass, cast garden, cast iron, cast metal, cast pipe, cast stainless, cast steel, cast waffle, cast zinc, casting, casting equipment, casting foundry, casting industry, casting machine, casting materials, casting mold, casting part, casting process, casting supplies, die cast, die casting machine, diecast, ductile iron, forged iron, foundry, grey iron, investment casting, iron, iron and steel, iron industry, iron process, iron rosettes, iron table, maker iron, making casting, metal die, metal sand, pressure casting, sand casting, steel, steel production, waffle, waffle iron, waffle machine, waffle makers, welding cast, wrought
    Telephone: +90 312 267 04 92 Address: Organıze Sanayı Bolgesı - Dokumculer Sıtesı 6.Sokak No: 64-70 Sıncan Ankara, Turkey
  • auto spare parts, agricultural machine spare parts, genuine auto spare parts, genuine agricultural machine spare parts, metallized zinc wire, fittings, clamps for natural gas systems, clamps, sheet forms, pipe bending works, welding works, electrostatic powder dye, window blind spare parts, automatic door spare parts, motorized door spare parts, forged parts, accelerator cable bearing, accelerator cable bracket, wood screw pipe clamp, stainless steel clamp with nut, long wood screw pipe clamp
    Metsan Machine was founded to supply the original auxiliary replacements for the Automotive and Agriculture Key Industry in 1980. Our firm has worked with the elite companies
    Telephone: +90 212 549 69 20 - 21 Address: İkitelli O.S.B. Metaliş San. Sit. 11 Blok No:21 İkitelli - İstanbul, Turkey
  • space frame units, automotive group, automotive parts forging, construction moulding units, construction machine parts forging, CNC machining parts, tunnel moulding parts, accelerator disks, forged
    Company was established in 1986 as a spare parts company producing spare parts for the construction sector. Until today, the company continuosusly enlarged it’s machine park and
    Telephone: +90 332 239 05 92 Address: Kosb 8. Sk. No: 25 Selçuklu / Konya / Turkey
  • undercarriage, construction machine parts, construction machine spare parts, undercarriage for construction machines, casting spare parts, forged spare parts, forge caterpillar spare parts, caterpillar parts
    Telephone: (90)(324) 221 84 07 Address: MERSİN-TARSUS KARAYOLU ÜZERİ 11.KM. MERKEZ
  • Clutch Bearing Belt Drafts, Shaft Parts, Steering Parts, Gear Sections, Gearbox Differential Parts, Hooks and Tension Parts, Agricultural Machine Parts, Machine Parts, Aluminum Forged Parts
    Telephone: 90 02324794043 Address: ADRES: 410 SOK.NO:10 BORNOVA İZMIRturkey
  • caliper plates, cardan shaft, container hinges, diesel injectors, forged auto parts, forged hinges, forged orthopedic products, forged products, forged spare parts for agricultural machine, forged spare parts for motorcycles, stainless steel forged products, steel forged products
    SISTAS Celik Dovme, is a Turkish steel forging company that is growing rapidly in the both domestic and global market. With a 15, 000 ton forging manufacturing capacity; it has
    Telephone: +90 232 376 78 27 Address: A. O. S. B. 10032 Sokak, No: 20, Cigli, Izmir, Turkey
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