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  • silikon, acrylic mastic, poliürethane sealants, sealant, epoxy, chemical anchor, pu foam, Silicone Sealant, Silicone Rubber, Silicone Sheet, Silicone Adhesive, Liquid Silicone, Adhesive, Silicone Mold, Liquid Rubber, Silicone Glue, Silicone Tubing, Rtv Sealant, Adhesives, Sealants, Clear Sealant, Temperature Sealant, Silicon, Industrial Adhesives, Silicone Seal, Silicone High, Hot Melt, Silicone, Liquid Molding, Molded Rubber, Silicone Material, Silicone Injection, Sealant, Silicone Gasket, Rubber Sealant, Silicone Caulk, Rtv Silicone, Grade Silicone, Making Silicone, Silicone Adhesive Sealant, Waterproof Sealant, Rubber, Glue, Rubber Extrusions, Caulking, Polyurethane Sealant, Aquarium, Rubber Moulding, Removable Silicone, Rubber Adhesive, Sealants Industry, Clear Silicone, Silicone Casting, Adhesives, Aquarium Sealant, Rtv Rubber, Medical Silicone, Sealant High, Rubber Glue, Rtv High, Rtv Adhesive, Rtv, Mastic, Glass Silicone, Part Silicone, Silicone Heat, Permatex Silicone, Adhesive Caulk, Silicone Supplies, Transparent Silicone, Silicone Window, Sealants
    ABC Kimya started to work in 2007 and puts science, knowledge and experience to work by creating solutions essential for better and healthier products . ABC KİMYA offers a wide
    Telephone: 0212 6994690 Address: Yenikent Mah. Balıkyolu Cad. 619 Sok. No:3 Esenyurt- İstanbul, Turkey
  • injection molding, die casting, aluminum, aluminum casting, engine mounts, high pressure, mold making, molding, rubber, zinc die casting
    Aluminum, zinc die casting, molding, rubber, engine mounts, all kinds of injection molding and die casting, mold making, aluminum casting, high
    Telephone: 00 90 224 2419000 Address: Osb Yeşil Cad. No:36, Turkey
  • casting, classic automotive spare parts, weather strippings, rubber automotive parts, metal-rubber parts, old car parts, metal sheet parts, gaskets, seals
    SİNCE 1991 all kind of automotive spare parts; acceptable prices - best quality; also for less quantity; tooling + processing + mounting; for european cars 1940- ; retooling +
    Telephone: +90-332-320 60 50 Address: Büyük İhsaniye Mah. Yahya Çavuş Cad. Doğu İşh.1/205 Konya, Turkey
  • die-casting products, hardware, panel locks, door panel locks, hinges, joints, panel wedges, panel wedge, panel dowels, door locks for cold room, aluminium covers, rubber foot
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of die-casting products, hardware, panel locks, door panel locks, hinges, joints, panel wedges, panel wedge, panel dowels, door locks for
    Telephone: +90 232 281 69 14 Address: 1188 SK NO 12-M FATİH MAH SARNIC GAZİEMİR, İZMİR, TURKEY
  • aluminium casting, aluminium die casting, automotive parts, cad design, cad grafics, carbide accessories, casting products, extrusion profiles, investment casting, iron casting, jigs, magnesium die casting, mould accessories, moulds and tools, plastic injection, plastic jigs parts, plastic moulds, rubber parts, stamping parts, steel casting, surface treatment, zinc die casting
    AO Far East Trading & Engineering in 1987 was founded, as a sole proprietorship 1991 the refoundation was carried out to a GmbH. (LTD) How shall we say that it is a good
    Telephone: +90533 216 36 18/+49 1728 150 523/+90232 712 16 26 Address: Vakıf İşhanı No: 212 Çeşme - İzmir, Turkey
  • mould, plastic mould, plastic injection mould, die casting mould, rubber mould, mould maker
    Established in 1995 and located in the mould manufacturing base of Shenzhen, China Promising Mold Plastic Co., Limited (PMP for short) is a professional mould enterprise. As
    Telephone: 86-755-29091485 Address: 6G , Center City Plaza, Center Road, Shajing Town, Baoan , Shenzhen
  • aluminium, casting, consultancy, diecasting, engineering, hot stamp, injection, mold, mould, moulds, non ferrous, painting, plastic, plastic injection, process, rubber, sand casting, serigraphie, sheet material, sytrofoam, ultrasonic
    Engineering Consultancy Mold, Casting, Plastic, Rubber, Sytrofoam, Injection, Mould, Sheet Material, Serigraphie, Ultrasonic, Hot Stamp, Moulds, Painting, Engineering,
    Telephone: +905324968636 Address: Ataşehir-İstanbul, Turkey
  • trailer fifth wheel, repair kit of bearing, nuts, wheel, wheels, fifth wheel, repair kit of rubber cushion, trailer spare parts, trailer fifth wheel spare parts, king pin, fifth wheel lever, fifth wheel top plate, fifth wheel operating handle, fifth wheel casting support, socket head bolt set complete, wearing ring of fifth wheel, fifth wheel pedestal, lock jaw spring, fifth wheel upper rubber cushion, pivot of lock jaw, fifth wheel lower rubber cushion, double tension spring, fifth wheel mounti
    We produce Trailer Fifth Wheel, Fifth Wheel, Trailer Spare Parts, King Pin in Konya city since 1976 with the principle to produce always better as we are the leader in our
    Telephone: +90 332 251 06 54 Address: Horozuhan Mah. Selcuklu Cad. Topkapi Sanayi Sitesi No:81 (Zafer Sanayi Girisi) 42300 Selçuklu / Konya, Turkey
  • plastic injection moulding, aluminium die casting, rubber product, plastic product, stamping part, turning part, machining part
    Dear Sirs, This is Cathy Lin from Rong Zheng Mold(HK) Co.,Ltd. Our main products as follows: 1) Mould-making: manifold types of mould (plastic injection, die casting, stamping
    Telephone: +86-755-27469520 Address: First Industry Area, Xiashanmen, Songgang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
  • liquid silicone rubber, rtv2 silicone rubber, rtv molding silicone, liquid silicone for mold making, rtv silicone for mold making, mold making silicone material, addition cure silicone rubber, condensation cure silicone rubber, platinum cure silicone rubber, food grade silicone rubber, medical grade silicone rubber, life casting silicone rubber, pad printing silicone rubber
    Shenzhen YiJiaSan Silicone Co., Ltd., was founded in 2008, is a collection of organic silicone new materials research and development, production, sales and service in one of the
    Telephone: +8613823512713 Address: No16, TongQing road, TongLe community, LongGang District TongLe community, LongGang District
  • cnc machining, die casting, injection mould, plastic injection moulding, plastic injection part, prototype, rapid prototype, rubber product, silicone rubber, zinc die casting
    We have been in the business of designing and manufacturing OEM moulds and parts according to customer specifications more than 15 years. Our services are including Plastic
    Telephone: 86-592-5135406 Address: Unit B,Jia Lian Bldg.,#176 Jia He Road
  • light load castors, wheels, medium load castors, heavy load castors, heavy type rubber wheel with casting rim, pneumatic tire wheels, rubber wheels, stair wheels, furniture wheels, isilindiric transpalet wheels, textile sphere wheels, wheel, wheels
    Telephone: (90)(232) 376 76 00 Address: 10006 SOK.NO:67 ÇİĞLİ
  • machine, machines, machinery, rubber, rubbers, rubbers, plastic, mould, mold, cast, moulding, molding, casting, construction
    Telephone: (224)441 12 08 Address: BEŞEVLER MAH KÜÇÜK SANAYİ SİTESİ 18. BLOK N:33 NİLÜFER BURSA
  • silicon injection insulator products, vacuum epoxy resin casting eqiupment, rubber injection moulding machine
    The only supplier for APG clamping machine,molds and technique training
    Telephone: +86-13362028128 Address: NO.6-3 ruzhu road,fuzhu pack,, sidu town,Jiangshan,quzhou, zhejiang, china
  • plastik model, plastic mold, plastic epoxy, aluminum injection casting, plastic blow molding, forged casting, cast, plastic injection mold, plastic injection molds, molds, mold, rubber casting, shell core
    We are ready to serve you in the mold industry with our developing technical personnel, machines and equipments.Precesses like screw cutting, perforation, vibration, deburring,
    Telephone: +90 332 236 98 52 Address: Dökümcüler Sanayi Sit.Fevzi Çakmak Mah.10607 Sk.No28 Konya Turkey
  • rubber, mould, mold, cast, moulding, molding, casting
    Telephone: 0.222.236 23 13 Address: ORGANİZE SANAYİ BÖLGESİ 25. CD. NO:16
  • injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, pet systems, extruders, recycling lines, pipe extrusion lines, profile extrusion lines, sheet extrusion lines, film lines, thermoforming machines, die casting machines, presses, robot systems, flekso printing machines, rubber machines, moulds, production lines, wire edm machines, miscellenaous
    Telephone: 2625276728 Address: ÇAMLITEPE MAH.KOCATEPE CD. NO:67/A, KOCAELI
  • Jewelry Machine, Wedding Interior Turning, Wedding Rings, Diamond Turning Machine, Gypsum Crushing Machine, Burnout Oven, Lining Cutting Machine, Bracelets Internal Turning, Polishing Machines, Polishing Materials, Degrees, Other Machines, Casting And Alloy Press, Hand Tools, Electric Melting Furnace, Diamond Pen Varieties, Rolling, Sleeves Rolled Şarnel Wrapping Machine, Hydraulic Presses, Hydrozoa Welding Machines, Induction Machines, Steam Machines, Coating Machinery Systems, Rubber Baking Molds Aluminum Models, Source Cutting Machine, Drying Machines, Lap Machine, Sink Machines, Laser Machines, Magnetic Needle Machines, Mechanical And Pneumatic Drill Press, Micro Milling Engine, Mine Machinery, Stacking Stone Wax, Ladle In January, Pliers, Pijo Set, Punto Welding Machine, Grinding Coating Machinery, Ceramic Crucibles, Cylinder Machines, Silicone Rubber For Mold, Annealing Furnace, Tunnel Oven, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Universal Dual Pen Cap Machine, Vacuum Molding Machines., Vacuum Sanding Machine, Vibro Ball Machines, Writing Machines, Surface Treatment Machine, Ring-Bracelet Zoom, Hammer Group, Torch Team
    Telephone: 0902125179673 Address: Binbirdirek Mah. Gedikpaşa cami Sok.No:60 D:1-2 İstanbul / Fatih/ turkey
  • pvc garden hoses, spiral hoses, thermo water hoses, rubber hoses, protector pipes, pe 100 pipes, drip irrigation pipes, irrigation irrigation pipes, galvanized fittings, casting fittings, valve
    Telephone: (342) 226-12-11 Address: YEŞİLKENT MAH. HAVAALANI YOLU BLV. NO:197 ŞAHİNBEY GAZİANTEP
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